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Targeted Medical Writing

On Point Scientific, LLC, provides medical communications. Capacities include supporting products through all phases of development, from covering advisory board meetings to gathering competitive intelligence to writing slide decks for promotional or disease state education.

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Areas of Expertise:

Medical Communication Genres

Content is created and refined to meet client needs across a range of promotional and nonpromotional genres. Support is provided from conceiving ideas through rounds of reviews and med/legal/regulatory review, as applicable. Clients for these projects have included AbbVie, Genentech, Seattle Genetics, Gilead, Sanofi, and Ventana/Roche.

Conference Coverage

Prioritizing sessions, attending conferences, accurately collecting data and comments on data, and collecting key insights from KOLs and other attendees provides up-to-date insights for clients. These assignments include competitive intelligence work for major pharmaceutical companies, as well as coverage targeted to physicians, nurses, and oncology business professionals.

Monographs and Meeting Reports

These meeting reports summarize key data presentations, making meeting updates accessible to the audience of busy clinicians.

Targeted Physician Marketing Campaigns

This series of campaigns uses targeted, succinct email messages to communicate key concepts about products. These include med/legal/regulatory reviews at Amgen, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Celphalon, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Medical News and Features

Communicating timely and relevant news directly to health care professionals, from physicians to nurses and other allied health providers, keeps medical and scientific knowledge current.

  • "Kathy is a clear and consistent writer with a strong work ethic and is highly reliable. I have been happy to work with her and can highly recommend her."
  • I can't believe what you have grasped and communicated, in such a short period. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.
  • "Great work on advisory board and conference coverage. Your team has always delivered great quality and value." - Scientific Director, Global Med Affairs, Top 20 US-based Pharmaceutical Company. Kathy is the primary medical writer for this series of ongoing projects.
  • "Kathy is a top medical writer with extensive knowledge and grasp of the science behind products. She is super conscientious about her work," - Account Manager, Medical Communications Client. Kathy has been consistently hired by this client for over 3 years.
  • Kathy executes complex and challenging projects to produce exemplary products. Her ability to integrate and manage the feedback of business, scientific, and KOL teams is impressive." - Megan Garlapow, PhD, Medical Writer,
  • "I have assigned many original articles for Kathy to write here at OBR green. She is always meets her deadline and provides high quality insight to the topic assigned." - John McCleery, Content Director

Kathy Boltz, PhD

Kathy Boltz, PhD, Principal and Scientific Director of On Point Scientific, brings broad medical communication expertise and a solid grounding in science. A medical writer since 2008, her portfolio includes extensive work in oncology, along with a range of other therapeutic areas. She can communicate from basic science through to the clinic, supporting product development through all phases. She is experienced with audiences from physicians to nurses and other allied health providers.

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